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Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Peak 9 at the 2022 Wisconsin Women in Soccer Symposium

December 2022

Presented by the Wisconsin Women's Soccer Advisory Panel and the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, the Symposium is the pinnacle of the year for the membership. Here's what board member Sue Moynihan had to say:  "We were so fortunate to have Stephanie Gabbert from Peak 9 present at our 2022 Women In Soccer Symposium. She quickly captured the attention of the 100+ coaches in the room as she dove into these critical topics. The audience was diverse including male and female coaches of college, high school and youth teams, some just starting out and some with 30+ years of experience. Attendees spoke about how incredibly valuable and helpful her session was. She provided practical, useful and relevant information in an informative, interactive way and kept the crowd engaged for the entire 8am session. Gabbie hit a home run and we will definitely look to work with her again!"

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

University of Missouri-St. Louis Women's Soccer Spends Pre-Season with Peak 9!

August 2022

The UMSL Women's Soccer Team participated in multiple Peak 9 sessions during their August pre-season training camp. Sessions were tailored to the specific needs of the team and coaches and focused on building Confidence, Resilience, and empowering each other on and off the field! Let's go Tritons!!

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

WashU Women's Basketball Includes
Peak 9 in Summer Camps!

July 2022

WashU Women's Basketball coach Randi Henderson paired up with Peak 9 to help build the mental component of the game in all girls summer camps in July. Ranging in ages 8-17, players were able to learn how to control, improve, and exert more confidence on and off the court!

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Peak 9 Empowers Players at the GA National ID Camp in St. Louis, MO

July 7, 2022

Peak 9 worked with 140 elite U15-U17 female players from across the U.S. at the Girls Academy League's National ID Camp on July 7, 2022. The GA is the leading youth development platform for the best female soccer players in the U.S. Players learned skills in how to control and build their confidence in their athletic pursuits!

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

WashU Women's Volleyball  
Gets Peak 9!

April 2022

Washington University in St. Louis (WashU)  Women's Volleyball team participated in multiple Peak 9 sessions in their off-season this spring. Here's what Head Coach Vanessa Walby had to say about it:

“I am really grateful for the discussions Stephanie Gabbert/Peak 9 had with our team on Confidence and Resiliency this past winter. My players have a new outlook on how to receive information from others and how to react in a more constructive way…for themselves and the team.

It has truly helped our communication on and off the court and allowed us to hold each other more accountable in all we do as a group.”

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Peak 9 Teams Up with Dartmouth Soccer

February 2021

Peak 9 is partnering with Dartmouth Women's Soccer this spring to provide Peak 9 programming to collegiate student-athletes. These virtual sessions with the team focus on building Confidence, leadership development, and bringing the team together during a time where our current circumstances have kept players apart.

"I feel the collaboration with Peak 9 has been awesome," said Ron Rainey, Dartmouth Head Women's Soccer Coach. "It has strengthened bonds between teammates and coaches and given players real examples of how to be more confident both on and off the field individually and as part of a group!"

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Peak 9 Partners with St. Lawrence University Women's Soccer

March 2021

Peak 9 provided SLU players with multiple session training in Confidence, Courage, Resilience, and Leadership. Here's what Head Coach Sinead Mcsharry had to say about the experience:

"Working with Gabbie and Peak 9 has been an incredibly insightful experience not only for our student-athletes but also for our coaching staff. The aftermath of the pandemic is largely unknown and it was an important step for us to focus our attention on leadership and mental skills. Peak 9 focuses on three pillars (confidence, courage and resilience) that I believe are integral to both individual success and team cohesion both on and off the field. Peak 9's approach is fun, interactive and provides opportunities for our players to really get to know themselves and one another. I'm really grateful that we have been able to embark on this journey with them."

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Peak 9 & Inter Atlanta FC Team Up!

September 2020

Peak 9 Online is offering a special CLUB-ONLY 4-week session for the 03-07 female players of Inter Atlanta FC! Sessions are on Wednesdays and begin October 14.

"We are excited to offer this opportunity to our female players at Inter Atlanta FC. As the game has grown over the years, so has the overall player development training. Inter does a great job on the field with player development and the Peak 9 program will take our female players to the next level both on and off the field. We are excited to partner with Stephanie and Allison and bring Inter Atlanta FC the Peak 9 program," shared Matt Busch, IAFC Executive Director."

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Indie Chicas Get Empowered with Peak 9!​

Boise, ID

The Indie Chicas are the premier all girls soccer club in Boise, ID. The club designed a program specifically for the needs and development of aspiring female players. Peak 9 has provided several clinics to Indie Chicas players to help them build skills in Confidence, Courage, and Resilience. 

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