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St. Louis Development Academy is now the home base for Peak 9!
All Girls Academy & E64 teams participate in sessions throughout the 2023-24 season.

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Peak 9: We utilize the sport environment to build confident and resilient people, athletes, & leaders. 

Why Peak 9?

We know this program has a profound impact on the women & girls we work with. 
But how does it help you achieve these goals?

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Athletes & Individuals

Confidence and Mindset

Peak 9 Girls Confidence
  • Learn how to develop essential mental skills in Confidence, Courage, and Resilience to elevate your performance

  • Gain clarity in where you put your focus to enhance your development

  • Build skills in how to deal with setbacks in real time and use them as fuel to improve performance

  • Utilize self-talk and mindset to your advantage

  • Build your internal leadership so that you are better at leading others

  • Transform these skills to all areas of your life beyond athletics!


Empowered, Involved, Committed

Peak 9 Girls Confidence
  • Empowered girls are more involved and committed to the groups they identify with

  • Differentiate among your competitors and show a commitment to the girls in your program

  • More confident girls stay in the game longer and have a more positive experience

  • Create an environment where Confidence, Courage, and Resilience are a foundation of your program

  • Higher retention rates means increased revenues and/or participation rates at the older age groups


A Different & Impartial Voice

Peak 9 Girls Confidence
  • A different and impartial voice - let us say the hard stuff to your team/players that has become more difficult in the current climate

  • Players with higher levels of Confidence, Courage, and Resilience play better and increase their chances of winning

  • Girls with higher levels of confidence and self-esteem are more likely to try new things and improve

  • Higher levels of Courage and Resilience are keys to responding to failure and accepting it as necessary for improvement

  • Teams crave leadership - leaders must have confidence

  • A team full of confident girls equals less drama, more fun!


Daughters Becoming Confident Women

Peak 9 Girls Confidence
  • Girls with higher confidence and self-esteem simply enjoy their sport experience more

  • Peak 9 helps girls to learn to value themselves more and to stand up for themselves and what is important to them

  • Girls with higher levels of Confidence, Courage, and Resilience are better able to deal with issues arising from bullying, negative impacts of social media, self-image, peer pressure, etc...

  • Girls' mental health is at an all-time low - we must start by rebuilding self-esteem and confidence

  • Confident girls become confident women!


  • A girl's self-esteem peaks at age 9.

  • By age 14 girls' confidence levels drop by 30%.

  • Between the ages of 12 and 13 the percentage of girls who say they're not allowed to fail increases by 150%.

  • Coaches & athletes consistently cite a lack of confidence and mental skills as biggest influence on poor performance.

  • Even as women, confidence levels typically don't return to our 9 year-old peak




We utilize the sport environment as our tool to empower women & girls to become powerful, confident athletes and women of the future.


Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence

The What And The How

We work with girls and women of all ages. But we know our greatest impact is working with 11-18 year old girls and college athletes to help them build their Confidence, Courage, and Resilience so they feel empowered to live confidently now and in the future.

Keep going to see how we do it.

Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Team, School Or Club

Peak 9 can provide customizable programs, workshops, or events that will help improve confidence and positively impact performance and enjoyment. We can work with you to fit your needs. Email us below for more information!

College Programs

Peak 9 works with women's college teams of all sports! What would your athletes do with more Confidence, Courage, and Resilience? And coaches, we can offer you support while we take on some of your tougher challenges - who doesn't need that? Click here to check out our college page with more info!

Peak 9 Girls Confidence
Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Add To Your Camp Or Program

Enhance your camp or program by including Peak 9 in your schedule or curriculum. We can fill your off field needs as well as add to your on field activities.

1-on-1 Individual Virtual Coaching Sessions

This is your chance to get your own Confidence Coach! Take the Peak 9 advantage to the next level with your own individualized 1-on-1 virtual coaching session at your pace and convenience. Just book your session(s) and we will contact you to schedule. Click below to go to our pricing page.

Co-Founders Stephanie Gabbert & Allison Gibson

Describe the Peak 9 Program Experience

Peak 9 Info

Peak 9 Info

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Peak 9

Check out some free resources we have available to you on our resource page!

Peak 9 Girls Confidence

Meet Your Co-Founders

Stephanie Gabbert & Allison Gibson

Stephanie and Allison have coached soccer at every level in the U.S. between them, from the most recreational to national teams. Yes, they've attained the highest coaching credentials and even master's degrees in pursuit of their best. What they know is that Confidence, Courage, and Resilience are not just determining factors in athlete's success. Those qualities are also essential for successful careers and the ability to be happy and to simply thrive in life. They have created Peak 9 out of their desire to see girls experience more joy in sports and in life and watch them carry that on throughout their lives.

Peak 9

Interested in bringing Peak 9 to your team, club, company or organization? Send us a message! Fill out the form, or send an email to and we'll respond asap!

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We would like to express our gratitude to van Gelder, Inc., our lead sponsor and supporter for Peak 9!

Family owned supplier of commercial flooring and amazing custom logo mats for your program, locker rooms, or business.

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