Female college athletes must be able to apply the skills of Confidence, Courage, and Resilience in order to perform their best as athletes and excel outside of their sport. Our programs help you elevate the mental pillar of the game and fit well into non-traditional seasons, pre-season, and in season check ins. 

Have you experienced the following with your players?

  • Hesitation to go beyond their comfort zone that hinders development

  • Fear of failure resulting in a lack of all out effort

  • Inability to bounce back from mistakes and a lack of adaptability in changing environments 

  • Players who struggle to process feedback that results in a drop in confidence

  • Lack of team confidence prior to playing a key opponent

  • A decline in their mental health due to decreases in Confidence and self-esteem

Peak 9 can help your players combat these struggles and more by building their skills in Confidence, Courage, and Resilience.

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